Copywriting Process

Not worked with a copywriter before? Here's what you can expect when you work with us.


1. Meet and greet

Over an introductory call or coffee, we talk through your project and what you want to achieve.

We might send you a briefing form to complete, or ask about your business, audience, and deadline. You can ask anything you want.

And if you’re not yet 100 per cent certain about what you need, don’t worry: our chat should help clear the fog.

Why is this important? You get to see whether we’re a good fit to work together.

2. Giving the go-ahead

Based on our initial chat, we’ll send you a proposal and fixed-price quote. We’ll also give you a potential start date for your project.

If you’re happy, we’ll then send you a contract and an invoice for a 30% deposit. Once they’re signed and paid, we can start work.

Why is this important? You get clarity on your project: when we can start, what it will cost, and what it will involve.

3. Research and planning

We’ll ask to see any research or planning you’ve done. We might also ask for your style guidelines, wireframes, and any source material you’ve identified.

Some jobs need telephone interviews to bring out extra layers of detail. We might also do our own desk research to fill in any gaps.

Why is this important? Investing time and effort now is likely to save hassle later on.

Once the initial digging is done, we'll start on a first draft. We’ll use clear, compelling copy that’s matched to your brand guidelines and commercial objectives.

When the first draft is complete, clients often find it easier to provide detailed guidance and feedback.

Why is this important? Identifying the information you want to include or omit, or any changes in structure or style, becomes much clearer when you’ve seen a first draft.

4. Writing and amends

With up to two rounds of amends on the first draft, we can now work on perfecting your text. Your final copy should:

• Be in your desired tone of voice
• Include all the information you want
• Focus on achieving your commercial goals

Once your project is complete, we’ll send an invoice for the outstanding balance. Copyright of the text transfers to you once you have paid in full.

5. Confirming your copy