Editorial Copywriting, Today's Group

Today’s Group is the UK’s fastest-growing retailer network. It has 160 wholesale depots in its network, as well as 2,200 independent retailers.


What was needed?

In conjunction with Manchester-based Monitor, Today’s Group produces Today’s Retailer, a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to independent retailers across the UK. Each issue includes 10-15 feature articles offering advice, support and business insight designed to help retailers maximise their sales and profits.

Working closely with the team at Monitor, we produce the copy for each issue of Today’s Retailer – transforming article briefs into consistent, high-quality editorial for an audience whose native language might not be English.


The results

Staff at both Monitor and Today’s Group are delighted with the contents of Today’s Retailer.

Our founder's decade of experience in national newspapers has enhanced the quality of the magazine and helped Today’s Group continue to reach, engage and inspire an audience of busy retailers.

What they said

"Neil has been a breath of fresh air. He’s taken on new projects seamlessly and is able to deliver great copy efficiently.

"His enthusiasm for every project and his keenness to understand the client’s needs make him a valued member of the team."

- Heidi Nagaitis, Senior Account Manager, Monitor