Are you a marketing manager, agency, business owner or entrepreneur?


Do you need clear, effective copywriting that keeps attention and gets results?

Like a fine car, brilliant copy hides its secrets under the bonnet.

We won't bore you with the mechanics.

Yes, we spend our days thinking about rhythm, tone and clarity.

But most of all we think about results.

Because copywriting only exists to drive action…

... to persuade, convince and convert.

If you're looking for copy with influence, get in touch.


Which sectors do we work in?

The bulk of our work comes from clients in technology, marketing, FMCG, and sports.

But our experience stretches well beyond those four industries. 

We're happy to provide examples of our previous work - just ask.


What can you expect from us?

When you work with Nota Bene Copywriting, you get:

✓ Professional, experienced copywriting support – whatever your brand’s tone of voice.

✓ A consistent and unyielding focus on your commercial goals.

✓ Clear communication, so we both know exactly how your project is progressing.

✓ A pleasant and reliable service, with no diva strops from some ego-driven ‘artist’ (good copywriting is the result of working together, not an unexplained magic when the muse strikes).

✓ Up to two rounds of revisions, so you’ll be sure your copy is exactly as you want.


What can we help you with?

Over the years, we've worked on most things, including:

✓ World-class editorial and advertorials (by 24 years old, our founder had worked for every UK national newspaper).

✓ Easy-to-read white papers that help you open conversations, qualify leads and close deals.

✓ Punchy blog posts that keep your website updated and readers engaged.

✓ SEO-friendly web copy that draws on the timeless principles of marketing and influence.

✓ Lump-in-the-throat speechwriting that has your audience rooted to the spot.

✓ Successful sales copy (one job pulled in orders worth more than £200,000).

✓ Persuasive landing pages (one converted at 33.6% in its first month online).

✓ Effective email newsletters and auto-responders that keep your subscribers interested.

✓ Eye-catching award entries that get people talking.

… and plenty more.



Meet the founder

Hello, I’m Neil Barraclough. For almost 20 years, I’ve studied and made my living from language.

First, a degree in linguistics explored the science of language, covering everything from syntax and phonology through to semantics, phonetics and sociolinguistics.

Next, a journalism career - including 10 years on 'Fleet Street', when I worked for every UK national newspaper - gave me the fundamentals of plain English and dramatic storytelling.

But it's the power of language that always fascinated me most.

Today, as a copywriter, I use that power to bring your brand to life.

To persuade your prospects.

To convince your customers.

And to convert your company into advocates of clear, powerful communication that resonates with your audience.