Brochure Copywriting, Alfardan Exchange

Alfardan Exchange, part of the Alfardan Group, is Qatar’s leading exchange house. Its partners include Western Union, MasterCard and Visa. It was the first financial house in Qatar to use computerised transfers.

What was needed?

Senior marketing figures at Alfardan Exchange commissioned Nota Bene to provide its copy for the Alfardan Group brochure. We were tasked with producing copy that assessed the global remittances market, looked at technological trends shaping the future of remittances, and Alfardan Exchange’s positioning within the sector.

The results

Under extreme time pressure, we conducted detailed desk research - calling on sources including The World Bank, Reuters and The Economist - to produce the necessary copy.

Our work was judged excellent and Alfardan Exchange immediately began discussions on further commissions with Nota Bene Copywriting.

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